Friday, June 11, 2010

Studio AND at The Science Fair!

Don't miss your last opportunity to see Studio AND's latest project this weekend at The Science Fair!

The Science Fair, is a show fun show featuring "Scientist-Artists and Artist-Scientists". It is hosted at the Flux Factory in conjunction with The Metric System.

The Flux Factory
39-31 29th Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
June 5 – 13, 2010
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays only, 12-6pm
Special Flux Thursday Award Ceremony: June 10, 8pm

Last Weekend, Eliza Strickland From Discover Magazine stopped by the show and wrote a lovely article and posted some photos from the show which can be found HERE

Studio AND is a collaboration between myself and my wonderful studiomate Audra Wolowiec. In 2009 Studio AND created The Department of Mineral Science, a pseudo-instutional branch dedicated to the inspiration of urban exploration. The department's main area of study focuses around the curious pheonenon of Urban Meteorties.

Urban Meteorites are part of an ongoing investigation into the creation of a plausible fictional material. Composed from the materials found in the urban landscape, Urban Meteorites are presented as an artifact from an imagined future.

Press Release:
Flux Factory and The Metric System are proud to present Science Fair, an exhibition of works by artist-scientists and scientist-artists!

Inspired by grade-school education fairs, Science Fair is a collaborative effort that examines science-based projects and concepts through the lens of art. Artists will create their own presentation booths and interactive experiments to be on display at the Fair. The exhibition explores the potential for science as a breeding ground for art: a way to inform and inspire art as a springboard for creative thought.

The Fair will showcase over two dozen projects including an artist-run weather station, robots that draw, urban meteorites, a cabinet of curiosities, and electro-magnetic field mapping.

Participating artists: Robin Brehm, Daupo, Lisa Glauer & Kaethe Wenzel, Fred Forest, Samwell Freeman, Hope Ginsburg & Colablablab, Kate Hartman, Jay Henderson, Jaime Iglehart, Scott Kildall, Rafael Hidalgo Múgica, Julia Oldham, James Rouvelle & Lili Maya, Daniel Schludi, SP Weather Station, Chad Stayrook, Studio AND, Flint Weisser, Elizabeth Whalley, Jing YuThe Metric System is a New York-based collective that encourages cross-disciplinary collaborations between artists, thinkers, scientists, and political activists.

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