Friday, April 22, 2011

Check Your Pulse

Take a look at the image above. If your heart doesn't beat a little faster, you might be dead.

More quarter-sawn wood porn after the jump:

This week, I resawed part of a lovely board of quarter-sawn oak I have had in the shop since January. The 12'x9" 8/4 board was an expensive impulse buy the last time I went to the lumberyard. I when to get a bit of maple, and doubled the bill with this board. I haven't decided to do with the rest of it, but three feet were going into a gift for my mother's birthday. Last month she asked me if I could make a table top for an old cast iron sewing machine base. I had just the board for the job (impulse buy or wood clairvoyance? you be the judge!).

Above is a picture of the book matched panel right before the glue up (yes, am showing off my seamless jointing skills) The oak was lovely material. Hard and dense, hand plane friendly. The growth rings were pretty tight and ran perpendicular across the width. This is nice because it ensures that there will be a minimum of warping in the surface as the wood moves seasonally. No sandpaper was harmed in the making of this top and not a single grain torn out (except when I blasted over the glue line of the bookmatched panels with a smoothing plane- needed a little scraping).
Below is the final shape of the panel, with a single coat of oil/varnish. What a material!

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