Saturday, June 2, 2012

Long live the Queen!

Last week I went to see Tom Sachs's Space Program: Mars at the Park Avenue Armory. The show was amazing. Here are three of the films that were being screened as a part of the indoctrination process: Love Letter to Plywood, Color (not Colors), and 10 Bullets.


Unknown said...

Can you tell me about the helping hand / positioning tool used in the video to solder the lamp wires together? That looks like a quality piece of equipment, and I need one like it! Most helping hands are so tiny and cheap with crappy alligator clips.

Any info would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

nielscosman said...

Hey Austin,

It looks like something shop-made.
Like a franken-third-hand.

Google: electronics third hand
or helping hands

there are a heap of commercial results which are ripe for hacking

Lewis Clark said...

Wow, good stuff, loved it, got to learn new things by watching the videos, thank you for sharing such interesting blog with us and keep posting such posts.