Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Products!

Today is the last day of Model Citizens NYC (single tear). This year's show was better than ever! The work, the people, the space, the shop, the marketing, the everything: all amazing!
This year I decided to sell some goods in the shop and over the last weeks I did some small production runs of some small items: BB Rattles, Stampo Cups, and Acorn Pods.

I'm very excited about all of these new pieces and so far the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I'm planning having them available for sale in an online store very soon!

BB Rattles
White Ash and BB's, 2.5"x4"x1"

These simple wooden rattles are crafted by hand for little hands (and mouths). BB Rattles are a refreshing alternative to mass-manufactured plastic toys, using natural textures and organic shaping to keep the little ones endlessly stimulated.

BB rattles are made from locally harvested Ash, a material prized for its durability and strength often used to make tool handles and baseball bats. Ash is also valued by instrument makers for its superior acoustic qualities. The rattles are conscientiously made using FDA approved non-toxic glues and a special food-safe, natural oil finish.

Stampo Cups
Glass, size varies approx. 3"x"3"x5"

These colorful cups are named from the Italian glassblowing technique called “mezzostampo”, meaning partially molded. In this case, each cup is given a good kick in the bottom leaving the impression of a boot-print.

Each cup is formed entirely by hand and sized to make each cup unique and individual. Available in five colors: blue, magenta, amber, gray, and red.

No two cups are alike, perfect for mixing and matching.

Acorn Pods
Wood and Glass, size varies approx. 3"x"3"x7"

These small belljars provide a safe home to display your precious bits and treasures.

Each glass dome is blown freehand and sized randomly at the whim of the maker. The turned wooden bases are exclusively made from offcuts and scraps from larger furniture projects. The variety and species is dependant on what is being made in the studio at any particular moment.

Each Acorn Pod is unique, so please take your time to find the one made for you.

Finally, above are some snapshot from the products in really-real life in setting up pop-up shop. Tomorrow, I'll post photos of some of the amazing work from the rest of the show. Finally, Big thanks for all the help everyone who worked in and on the shop!

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